Scott Krogh

My name is Scott Krogh. I am an airline pilot and a Certified Flight Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI). I love to fly, and I have been flying and training pilots almost half my life.

Prior to joining an airline, I served as the FAA Part 141 Assistant Chief Instructor/EASA Deputy Chief Flight Instructor and Safety Officer for one of the world’s largest flight training organizations. Our job was to take students, most of whom had never flown before, and make them airline pilots.

You can learn to fly too. Through this app, I will coach you as I have hundreds of my students who are now successful pilots. You can succeed, whether you are heading toward a lucrative career or just want to experience the joy of flying.



Here’s what Plane&Pilot said about MySkyforce

“Taking all of that (aviation) knowledge and putting it into a form that lets folks new to aviation understand is no mean feat. Doing it in a way that helps them understand how every part of the puzzle relates to the other pieces is even harder. MySkyForce pulls off both of those feats.” – Isabel Goyer, Editor

Here’s the description from a Certified Flight Instructor

“My time with a student typically involved a preflight briefing, the time in the cockpit and a post flight debrief. I would always ask them to review the elements of the planned session ahead of time, but this alone did not get them ready. I learned that by having students review the appropriate material in the MySkyforce course before the flight reduced the time needed for the preflight briefing and made the time in the cockpit more useful.” – Josh Parriott (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

A non-current pilot getting back in the cockpit

“I really do like this product. It’s genius! I went through this course before going to a flight school so I could be ready for a flight review. It worked for me. I went to the flight school on a Monday. After some ground review and four hours of flying with an instructor, he signed me off on Thursday! And I had not flown in over 14 years. A lot of this stuff I had forgotten, and a lot has changed. This app was a great asset to help me get back in the air. It was a great way to learn and I will keep using it as a reference.” – Benjamin De Jesus

A new student

“I have been training in a 172 and am absolutely loving it. I currently have just under 20 hours and am trying to fly twice a week to keep this train rolling. I just downloaded the app. I have spent the past couple of days reading through it every chance I get. I wanted to tell you that I am enjoying working through the app. I like the feel of the way it is written. The course has a feel that reflects your personal experience and doesn’t read like your typical text book. I am planning on using the app to prepare for the FAA practical test.” – Eric Benham

A few of my Students

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