Power Up for Flight School

Get ready to enter a fast-paced, competitive environment. And don’t wait until you are sitting next to an instructor in the cockpit to start learning. With MySkyforce you can make a strong first impression, save money and build the foundation you need to start flying. Then rely on MySkyforce as a coach and reference all through flight school, to help make even the most complex concepts perfectly clear.

When Textbooks and Videos Let You Down

Most flying students end up buying many expensive materials to supplement the textbooks and videos used by their flight schools. Textbook speak is often confusing and boring. Videos move at their pace not yours. But armed with the MySkyforce app you will find the clear explanations you need. All in the conversational style of a successful flight instructor who has 6000 hours teaching students to fly. Over 200 of his students are now airline pilots. He knows how to help you succeed.


You Will Save Money by Going to Flight School Prepared

Pilots need to learn a lot. How planes work. How to fly them. Airspace requirements, aviation weather, navigation, weight and balance, controlling lift and so much more. Make the most of your expensive cockpit time. Don’t waste it learning what you could have learned before you got in the air.


MySkyforce is your key to success

It’s everything you need to know to pass your FAA tests – even how to fly the maneuvers and prepare for your FAA Practical.

Keep up with the front runners.

Plan on success.

Don’t start flight school without MySkyforce on your iPad and iPhone.

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